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By Maxxamillion · May 14, 2014 ·
  1. Maxxamillion
    Promoting websites blogs and articles is a political nightmare, and something I must do because deep within my soul I must be a chronic sadist, but here is a look at the landmines and quagmires we all must avoid when promoting anything in the digital world.

    Firstly and most importantly, don’t force the issue, I once wrote a book, and with hindsight I realise that going on and on about it put people off, it was ego and arrogance and desperation that fuelled my desire to succeed, but I realise now that less is more, one post a day, when a relevant thing has changed or been added is more than enough, if you have a big audience then you can start to be more regular – and if you are using twitter of facebook, people who are interested in you or your site/product will get the information.

    Do be concise – this is my biggest rule in posting anything, and the main reason twitter is so popular, no one feels like they should have to trawl through hours of content just to get a score, a picture or video. Less is more, keep posts concise, or concise as possible, around 1000 words for a snapshot, more if you have a lot of ground to cover. Tweet when you have a genuine question, answer of thing to share…. And don’t spam

    Spam – spamming is bad, this is the rule of social media, if you are regurgitating the same thing over and over and over, spewing out the same tweet 15 times a week, people will notice, people will take the action of blocking you – keep it fresh and light

    Keep business and personal stuff separate – if you are promoting a business I find it is so easy to start degrading it to personal stuff, keep that for your personal blog, twitter, or better yet facebook. Sometimes people will want to know more about you, keep that to chat forums or facebook so that the brand identity doesn’t become ‘ohh look kittens’

    Also DM’s

    Direct messaging someone on twitter is an extension, and invitation even, for them to talk back, I have three rules 1) if the person is polite, please, thank you, I will check it out 2)if it turns out the content is worth while I will follow/subscribe as appropriate 3)If the content is garbage or spam, the person gets blocked

    Assume that every human being on the planet has the same rules and we can all just get along fine.

    Graphics- whilst I lack some finesse in this department personally, I do understand that having a clear, concise and well present graphic style is important, and don’t be afraid to correct someone who is doing it wrong, I have been corrected for having the wrong font/picture/size etc, and I am okay with that because I am a contributor, adversely I would expect any contributor to my site/blog/channel to follow any and all clear set rules that I have.

    Include relevant graphics in posts.

    Also don’t be afraid to experiment – how many times have we all complained about the new style of facebook/twitter etc only to love it later, people hate change, but people are fickle, and generally wrong, change is to prevent stagnation.

    Mind the cases – THIS IS SHOUTING – this is not. Also – dunt wryt lyk diss – it’s offensive, stupid and for personal accounts, as much as it’s fine that we write like that in texts or on FB, do not use that style in professional sites/blogs etc.

    Trolls – you will on occasion come across those whose sole drive is to bring others down, they will lie and cuss and be cruel and degrading, they are referred to as trolls, often a warning will silence them, but more often they will simply persist – as the owner/promoter of a site this kind of thing will rear it’s slightly grotesque face once in a while, simply ignore it, challenge it, but only if you must – mostly move on.

    I personally find that talking to the right people is the best way to promote anything, the market is there as the target, get to know it – for example, you wouldn't go into a McDonalds to promote you gym, or alcoholics anonymous to promote your new brandy, the same applies in the real world.

    If you are talking about gaming get to know gamers.

    My last rule – be honest.

    This seems like an obvious one, but in fact it is quite funny to see how many people are full of it, being yourself, talk about what genuinely makes you tick will cater to your audience who will adjust to you.

    If you can say it, there is someone out there who wants to hear it.

    So tell the world about your rock salt collection, or your glowing green troll toy – there are people who are out there who want to share in that.

    And don’t be afraid to share these people with others, promoting others, even casually is important, because those people, are the people who could be your next project or partner!

    (Courtesy of Neal, TGS Media Staff)

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