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By floris · Apr 13, 2004 ·
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    [Indepth] Feature Experience: Setting up and Using "Promotions"

    We bring you an indepth feature experience shared by Peterska2, a regular and vBulletin fan. Her insight: As there are a lot of questions about how to set up promotions to enable priveledges like what is for example used on the site where you have to have one post before you can view attachments and 30 posts to download resources, I decided that a 'how to' post would be a great idea so here it is.

    Please keep in mind that I have tried to make as little mistakes as possible while writing out my experience on how to set this up on my own site and sharing it with you guys, while using as example. If you find an error, please let me know!


    Author: Peterska2
    In assignment of, thread updated and modified by floris

    So starting at the beginning here are the instructions. These should be simple enough so that even a new user of vBulletin can follow them and get it set up easily enough.

    Login as administrator into the Admin Control Panel (admincp/).

    Go down to the Usergroups section and select to 'add a new usergroup' (only if you haven't created one already). Call this Usergroup something like FULL MEMBERS.

    Set up the new usergroup with permissions based on that of the primairy members usergroup (id: 2) which allow access to all the same forums and also to be able to download attachments and have avatars etc as you desire.

    Once you have saved the usergroup, go into the Promotions system.

    Click on 'Add New Promotion'

    The top Usergroup Box needs to be the one that they are starting off from. This will be REGISTERED MEMBERS unless you have changed this to something else. It is usergroup id: 2.

    In the reputation box I would set this to your default reputation level for new users or 0, whichever you prefer.

    Days registered can be left blank (or set to 1) and for number of posts put the number that you want them to have to make before they can download in there. (On this is set to 1 post for global site downloads and 30 posts for resource access downloads.)

    In promotion strategy set this to POSTS and Promotion Type leave as Primary Usergroup.

    Then in the bottom box select the new usergroup that you created. This will be the one that we called FULL MEMBERS

    Save it.

    Now go into 'Usergroup Manager' and select the UserGroup ID: 2 (Registered Members)

    Go into Edit Usergroup and scroll till you find the option for can download attachments.

    Change this to NO.

    Save it.

    Now you have a usergroup that they go into once their registration is completed until they have made 'X' posts and then they are promoted to the next usergroup which is the one that you created.

    The promotion settings are defaulted to happen every hour. If you want it to be longer than this then you will need to change this setting as well. To change the time settings go into 'Scheduled Tasks' section and 'Scheduled Task Manager'. Select the task called 'User Promotions' and click [Go].

    Here you can set how you want it to work. If you leave it with a number in the minutes box only then it runs every hour. If you add a number into the hour box it then runs only once a day. Day of the week obviously runs once a week and Day of the month gives you a monthly option. Don't change the file pathway or the title as these are fine as they are.

    Save it and then your promotion script will run as set in the scheduled tasks settings.

    I hope that you find this helpful. Refer back to it as often as you require.

    On-line vBulletin Manual @
    Usergroups and Permissions -section
    Managing Usergroups -group
    Adding or Editing a Usergroup -help
    Usergroup Promotions -group
    Adding or Editing a Promotion -help
    Scheduled Tasks -section
    Managing Scheduled Tasks -group
    Adding or Editing a Scheduled Task -help

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