Security: Is your password secure?

By N9ne · Jan 8, 2004 ·
  1. N9ne
    [article] Password Security Measures

    Have you made sure your password is secure?

    - Does it contain at least 10 characters?
    - At least 40% of which are numbers?
    - There are no dictionary words at all?
    - Is just a random mix of numbers and letters?
    - You changed it in the last month or two?
    - You haven't told anyone it or written it down where someone else may see it?

    A lot of people make big mistakes with passwords. They keep the same password for years, never changing it, and put in some dictionary word, so 'they can remember it easily'. I mean OK, partly that's the point, something they can remember, but if you think about it, anyone else can easily remember it too :eek: - it's dangerous - there are brute force attackers out there which would easily crack your password within hours if not minutes if it's just a dictionary word.

    I believe this is something that should be posted on all communities too, reminding people that passwords are important and should be entirely random and secure and regularly changed. - This is especially important for forums with members that aren't so computer-savvy as you and me, they may not know the full picture of the dangers of insecure passwords, they may not know about brute force attacks.

    More information about brute force attacks (or cracking) can be found here.

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