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By purpleinsect · May 29, 2010 ·
  1. purpleinsect
    As much as we love running our websites, it can sometimes get a bit boring. Then we might start making ourselves busy with things that don't even need changing. Like fix up the layout a bit, add new features no one even asked for etc. Only because we are a little bit bored.

    Here is a list of things you can do around your site to keep yourself busy and entertained.

    1. Depending on what size of forum you run, make your goal to have X amount of topics in each forum. For example if you have a fairly new one and don't have 100 topics in all forums, set it as your goal to make enough topics for each forum so they reach the golden 100 topics.
    This will keep you busy for a long time and it will also make new topics for your users to reply to. Don't make the goal easy on you. You can aim for much higher number, but still keep it as something you can do on your own.

    2. If your forum has been online for over a year, it most likely is not upto date with posts. Go to every forums last page and see if the posts there are from the current year. If for example you started your site on 2006, you will probably have posts from 2006 and 2007. Make a list of all the forums that have their last post posted from the year 2006 or 2007. The list might be long, and there might be many pages that aren't upto date, but it is nice bringing back old topics (if they are good) and it will also give you a chance to clear the forums from bad topics. Make a list of your forums that have all their topics last posts from the current year and a list of forums that don't have. Like this:

    Not upto date:

    General Discussions

    Upto date:

    Fun and jokes

    When you have updated a forum, move it to the upto date list. You don't have to do this alone, it can also be fun for the members. I did this on my forum and it was a succes, and now we are down to 2 forums that aren't completely upto date

    3. Add an extra theme to your site that only you can see. Sometimes new look can make you see the site from different view and perhaps even make it feel like a completely new place. Your users might not like such chance, but it will refresh your mind and hopefully make you want to be around on your forum more.

    4. Do the same as on number 1, but do it with posts. Some forums might have 1000 posts, some only 800. Post as long as every forum has 1000 posts. Don't fil up your forum with bad posts, they should be good ones.
    This way you are the most active member on your site and your users might even get inspired by you. + everytime someone visits the site, there will be tons of new posts. Now who doesn't like seeing that?

    5. Do countdowns of posts. If you are trying to achieve a X amount of posts on your forum make a topic for it. Count how many posts you need to get there, how many it might take a day to get there in a time period you want.
    Then update the number til you get there. You can make this public or just keep it to yourself. Don't update the number everytime you post.

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