By fumbalah · May 15, 2005 ·
  1. fumbalah
    I would like to thank Josh(A_Jelly_Doughnut), for agreeing to this interview. Josh is active in the phpBB community as the top poster, as well as in creating a fork of phpBB3

    > Can you give our members a brief biograpy?
    Fruit of the Loom is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

    Oh, you mean of me...I'm a socially introverted teenager living in Nowhere, USA with interests in programming, bulletin boards, and broadcasting.

    > When did you become interested in programming/coding?
    Well, I was sitting in Home Ec in Febuary 2002 and got an assignment to "improve myself". So I naturally picked up a Perl reference book.
    That was a PHailure. I couldn't find a proper tutorial book at the time, so I gave up on that project for a while. When I discovered phpBB in October of that year, I began to re-interest myself, but this time in PHP.

    > What were your goals when you first started modding phpBB
    To add the feature I wanted. See for reference. Guess what. That was a failure too. Didn't know enough code. I laid off phpBB MODding for a few months, writing a form mail script or two in the interim.

    Yeah, back to the goals at the beginning. It was a one-day at a time proposition.

    > Were you successful in realizing those goals?
    if ((!is_array($goals) && isset($goals)) || !sizef($goals))

    > What plans do you have for these products in the future?
    I'll continue working on them until they reach maturity or I leave them. All of the MODs are either at maturity or I have left them.

    > What other products are you working on or considering?
    My current major project is the phpBB3 fork we like to call 'Open Concepts Bulletin Board'. I also run the phpbb-php5 project and develop for the CMS CMSformE. All of them are SourceForge projects if you really want to look them up :)
    OCbb is quite the project. It burns up most of my spare time either learning new parts of the code or fixing bugs or detecting the latest intrusion attempt by a die-hard phpBB fanboy.

    > What do you do in your spare time offline?
    Mow grass, rake leaves, and shovel snow. Oh wait, that's an advertisement for a nursing home. I don't have much spare time offline. I spend nearly all of my spare time online (or at least on a computer). If it isn't on a computer, it is somewhere about the estate doing something.
    > What websites do you visit for personal enjoyment?
    C|Net, Newsforge, TAZ,
    > What are your plans for the future?
    I assume I'll eventually find a lover, even if it happens to be a
    he and I have to drag him to Massachusetts from France. Of course,
    that comes after the collegiate experience and many more years of reading 'Dear Abby'.

    Thanks again

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