Forum Promotion Guide: A weekly routine for forum owners.

  1. Shawn Gossman
    Forum Promotion Guide: A weekly routine for forum owners.
    BY: Shawn Gossman, President of

    Today, Message boards or Forums are growing rapidly in the online world being integrated to social networking services like and Zoints. They are even replacing the once cool real time chat room because not everyone is always in chat and messages left in chat many times go unseen but with a forum, the message stays for everyone to be enabled to read and reply to. So more and more people are creating forums but a lot of these forums go without interaction or members, unnoticed and eventually closed down due to no activity. So in this article I will discuss the best steps (in my opinion) to take every week so that your forum gets the promotion it deserves and more members have the opportunity to join.

    Post Exchanging…
    I am not trying to dis to premium Post Exchange service but why pay for it when others are willing to post for free with returned posts to their site. That is just my opinion on that and why I never purchase posts. The best way to get good posts is to give GREAT posts. The way I do it is act as if I joined the forum to be a regular member and if I like the forum, I even keep going back after the post deal is over. When I leave a post, I try to create new topics or keep great topics going. One line posts suck! I want to give my opinion(s) and then say something to keep the topic going. Most of the time I get positive feedback with people giving good posts on mine as well as recommending me to others. Post great and get great posts. Keep with questions and opinions and stay away from boring one line posts. One Post Exchange a week for a while would be a good way to promote your forum.

    Search Engines and Directories…
    Make is a point every week to submit to popular and growing-popular search engines even if you have already done it before, keep at it. Also, there are hundreds and hundreds of free link directories out there to submit your forum to. Even the small ones are good ones. Many times I go to smaller directories because small ones seem to have less spam and a lot of times the directory owners review the website links before allowing them in like I do at Kruzzen Search, my free search service. Submit to one search engine and one directory a week and increase your forum’s promotion.

    Link Exchanges…
    Whether your have a link directory, text links somewhere on the forum or even redirect boards, start exchanging links and have an affiliate feature on your forum. This will help your forum and well as others forum grow in promotion. I bet if you got one new link partner a week, you would see a dramatic promotion soon enough in times.

    If the rules allow it, add your forum link to your email signature and other forum memberships that you may have. Be nice about it and don’t overly detail or beg the viewer to join. Put something like “, a forum to discuss throwing cow pies as a sport.” LOL, sorry! I bet if you joined a forum once a week and added your link in the signature, you would see an increase in promotion.

    I can not stand spam. I have had members join my forum and make one post with their spam that has nothing to do with the topic and then they would never post again, this is wrong. When I see spammed sites, I never visit them. Don’t spam at all and see promotion rise.

    I hope this little article of mine is helpful. It may be the same as most but I am just starting to write articles about web design and forums and stuff like that. So I hope you enjoy this and my others to come. Have a nice July and get to promote those forums!!!

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