Does your business need a forum?

By Kyrie · Jan 19, 2014 ·
  1. Kyrie
    Greetings everyone at TAZ,

    I'd like to take a little moment to post something I might be helpful for everyone.

    If you run a business, and you don't have a message board... Let me ask you, why not? It can do three primary things;
    • Drive Users
    • Improve Customer-Company Relations
    • Loyalty

    Drive Users:
    You might be thinking, "My website is Page Rank 1 on google?! Why would I need a message board." Let's put it this way. Let's say your name is Joe and you run Joe's lawn care. You might have a forum about best plants and lawn care tactics. Someone will be looking up "How to plant a fern." and come across your forums.. You'll get a user and potentially a customer. You can display your advertisements or even post an ad. If someone asks the question asked earlier you can write "All you do is... and if you want us to do it you can order from"

    This not only adds more people to your clientele but it will also bring your more income should you chose to run advertisements.

    Customer-Business Relations:
    In a forum you're not just a company anymore.. You're a human being, and a decent one. If you handle your self correctly you'll appear to be an average joe.. and not a corporate monster. This is a huge trend that's been happening and you'll be on the top of your game.

    wow.. this company is willing to talk about favorite movies and help me with my lawn? This is a trustworthy person.

    Because forums are always adding more content, and actively engaged in conversations you'll always bring back the people who chose to sign up. You could offer incentives for signing up on the forum as an example. But once their in.. they will be hooked. You'll appear to have more loyal customers which is great for business. Those people too will also feel very well taken care of.

    In conclusion, yes. You will need a forum for your business. It'll completely change the way the public views your company, and it'll help you in the long run and short term.

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