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By Shawn Gossman · May 26, 2016 ·
  1. Shawn Gossman
    You want to create compelling blog posts on your blog. When you create compelling blog posts, you are essentially creating posts that your audience wants to read. If no one wants to read any of your blog posts, then blogging is kind of pointless in the end, right? So if you create compelling blog posts that people thrive to read, then you are already on your way of being a very successful blogger. You can have all the bells and whistles that bloggers add to their blogs these days but if you don’t create compelling blog posts for your audience, all of the extras will be worthless. In this article, I will show you how to create compelling blog posts each time that you make a new post on your blog…

    Create Compelling Blog Posts – Step 1 – Know your readers
    The first step you need to take long before you create compelling blog posts is to actually know the readers you are writing for. This way, you are not ‘writing in the dark’ if you will. If you know your audience and you know what they want from your blog, then it will be a lot easier to create compelling blog posts than it would be if you didn’t know these things. It is important that you write for an audience especially with a niche blog. If you write what people want to read about, then your blog will be very successful and active in the end. If you don’t write what people demand, you probably won’t get a whole lot of readers. To really know your audience members, you need to get out in your niche and have a look around. Visit other blog, join message forums and be active on social media to find out the things that people need to most help with and go from there.

    Create Compelling Blog Posts – Step 2 – Create Compelling Titles
    When you create compelling blog posts, you need to create compelling titles for them. A generic “read this” title isn’t going to work. People are usually searching for certain kinds of information and the title is going to be what determines if the contest is useful or not. Take this post for example, I get to the point right away. I am telling you to read this post to know five ways to create compelling blog posts that your readers are most likely going to want to read. Creating compelling titles for your blog posts will sometimes be a challenge. You want to be unique about it, so you need to research the title idea. Make sure others are not using the same title and the same content that you have planned to use. You also want to stick to subjects that your audience actually wants to read which refers back to step one of this article. Do this and your blog posts will be successful in the end, I guarantee it!

    Create Compelling Blog Posts – Step 3 – Powerful Introductions
    The first few sentences of your blog post needs to be powerful and by powerful, I mean it needs to grab the attention of the reader and draw them into the rest of the post. If you start out the post in a boring manner, chances are, readers will not read your entire article. Some bloggers assume saving the best for last is worth it – that is fine but so long as you mention the best parts in the first portion of the post so that a reader knows what they are in for. If the entire article turns out to be a waste of time for the reader, do you expect they will read future article that you publish? Probably not… So imagine that you are trying to sell a product over the phone. Your first couple of statements will determine whether or not you are going to get hung up on or not. Take this same concept with the first few sentences of your blog posts.

    Create Compelling Blog Posts – Step 4 – Style Your Post
    When you create compelling blog posts for your readers, you want to do so with an appropriate style that is popular. Use different styles as well. Mix up your blog post styles to keep things interesting. While people absolutely love LIST-type blog posts, they also tend to like other post styles as well such as “How-To” and “collection” style posts. Break up the post with headers and paragraphs. You should also keep the majority of the sentences shorter. Make the post easy to be read by others and refrain from using ‘hard words’ that might require a dictionary lookup. Write as if you are speaking to a person face to face and not as if you are writing a college paper. Be personal and emotional when you create compelling blog posts.

    Create Compelling Blog Posts – Step 5 – Review, Submit and Share
    After you create compelling blog posts, you need to review them. Read through them a couple of time. Look for and correct any errors or poorly structure sentences and paragraphs. After everything is corrected and nice looking, you can then submit or schedule your post to be published. After the post is published, you need to share it. Share it on social media, through your email list and other sources that you use to share information on the internet. When you create compelling blog posts, they are only going to be compelling if they are shared with an audience. Never assume your audience will come to you, always assume that you have to come to them first – that is marketing 101.

    Do you create compelling blog posts on your blog?
    Do you attempt to create compelling blog posts each to you write for your blog? What other ways can bloggers create compelling blog posts? Do you actively research and understand your audience? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about creating compelling blog posts for your audience.

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