Banned members that just won't go away?

By tristan_SMM · Jan 14, 2007 ·
  1. tristan_SMM
    I'm sure most of us at some time in our lives have had a member that we've banned that just keeps on coming back! :bonk: Seems like there's no way to make this person go away or even worse, he/she has been trying to get you shut down by your host! What should you do you ask? Well, there are a number of simple things you can do that will get this jerk off your back. :hiding:

    A relatively easy measure is to ban his/her IP address! Not everyone is smart enough to know how to use a proxy, so give it a shot!!

    "Uh-oh! Your advice sucks tristan! The person's IP address is useless here! (S)he keeps on coming anyway!!!"

    Many people seem to give up pretty quickly after the first try with IP-Bans, but that IP address can be alot more useful than you know or remember. Firstly, there is more than 1 way to IP-ban someone. You can use wild cards for starters! Wild cards are when you add this: *
    to the beginning or end of a set of numbers in the IP you are trying to ban. This can make it so that any IP address containing specific numbers before or after the asterick are banned.


    Typical IP-Ban:
    Wild card: 72.*

    Now you might be saying: "tristan! If I do that, it could cause everyone using that ISP to be denied access!"

    That is a common concern among many community administrators, so either if you'd rather not get that drastic or if it isn't working because the person is using a proxy, that'll bring us to our next option.

    If you can't ban the IP, it still has a very critical use. You can trace it by going to a website such as DNS and it will pull up many pieces of information about the person's ISP and location. You can use that info to contact the person's ISP and let them know what their paying customer is up to! They aren't the only ones who can call other people's abuse departments! Harassing others is guaranteed to be in violation of any ISPs TOS and violation of your ISPs TOS = internet service suspended/revoked. In addition, the ISP may contact law enforcement if it is a criminal matter as required by law. :cop:

    This sounds pretty good right? However, I'll bet some people are asking this question: "tristan, what if the ISP in question doesn't seem too concerned?"

    Well, here's the deal. Giving up will not get you anywhere, so don't even think about it. When you are talking to the abuse department, be sure to let them know that you have had to ban all of their subscribers because of 1. That is sure to get their attention. :lildevil:

    Also, this is for dealing with any officials via the telephone, there are 6 words that will have the priority of your complaint along with their manners have a gigantic increase, and those 6 words are...................................

    "May I speak to your supervisor?" :lildevil: :yeahrt:

    For all of you visual learners, it can make the difference between this: :nono:



    Is work with IPs and contacting ISPs not for you? Well there is another option: Miserable user hacks:

    Most forum software will have MODifications called miserable user MODs. They work by:

    Inserting a cookie onto the user's computer, that cookie will make it so that whenever the person is on your forum, they will experiance:

    Posts will look like they were submitted, but will never show up
    Login works only 1/2 the time
    Fake server errors come up all the time
    PM-s don't work
    Email doesn't work

    Enjoy and watch the person suffer! Mwahhhaahahahaha!!! :lildevil:

    Only way to escape is to (if they're smart enough to know how): Clear cookies, register another account and behave!! How likely is it that the last part will happen? ;) This way is almost full-proof to keep them out.

    I have given you many ways to handle these relentless people. How you go about it in the end rests on you though.

    And now, a final thought.

    While persistant banned members may drive you crazy, don't lose your mind over it. :noppid: He/she wants you to squirm and the more stressed you are, the less likely you are to find an effective way to get rid of him/her. If necessary, go listen to some of your favorite music or whatever stress relieving activity you do for at least a few hours and come back to the situation when you feel better so you can think straight. :cool:

    Take care of yourselves, and each other. ;)

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