5 Ways of Getting Forum Graphics

By sakuchan · Mar 1, 2011 ·
  1. sakuchan
    Title: 5 Ways To Get Forum Graphics

    Many forums start anew with little to no custom made graphics, right? Well, the only problem is that the forum owner, which is us, cannot ever find anyone to make these forum graphics without payment involved.

    Below are the ideas, thoughts, and opinions as to how you can get forum graphics without the hassle of payment services. Maybe even being able to learn how to do them yourself, also.

    Look for Forums that have a"Graphics Request" Forum
    A lot of advertisement, and service forums will have a forum with that name. You will have to meet a certain requirement and follow their guidelines, though.

    Examples of forums that have graphics request forums would be The Admin Zone Graphics Request Forum and Outline Forums are examples of forums with the graphics request forums. ​

    Have a friend make the graphics for you
    If you have a friend who is pretty good with graphics, ask them to make it for you. ​

    Do it YOURSELF!
    Oh my god! Really?! You can make forum graphics yourself?! Yes, yes you can. Download and test with Photoshop, GIMP, and any other free image program like them.

    Here are links to a few beginner GIMP tutorials on their website: GIMPLite Quickies and Red Eye Removal are some basic tutorials for newbies to go and try.

    Some of these maybe a little harder for Photoshop, but let us try Movie Poster Effect and Downloading photos from a digital camera!

    Find graphic shop/request threads
    Find graphic shop/request threads on some other forums they usually have these. You can go inside and request graphics for your forum, and even a signature for that forum of yours. Usually these require you have the author leave credit, though.
    • As listed above, those are the only forums I know of that do a great job on graphics requests.

    Last, but not least; Search the Internet
    You never know what type of graphic tips, hints, and tricks you can find there. Some websites usually allow you to edit an image, and suit it to your own needs.​

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